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February 25, 2010

Grace's Smash Cake | Kent Children's Photographer

Grace will be 1 on March 7th, so last Sunday was the perfect time to try a smash cake session.  Mom thought she was quite the comedian and texted the picture below to me the night before the shoot.  I looked at my phone and was horrified.  Really?!?! this is the cake she wants to use??  Seriously? she's an art teacher for pete's sake, what's wrong with her? what am I suppose to do with that?  Yes these were all the things running through my head as I held back the tears.  I tried to be positive and convinced myself that i could make that work, I could fix the frosting, maybe write her name across the front and get rid of the gigantic "1".  Thank goodness she called me before I went into full panic and told me it was a joke.  She got me good!!!

Here's is the final result from the session.  I think Grace looks like a little chunky angel baby.


Heather said...

Lovely! I really like the storyboard. Looks like it was a super fun session.

MJ said...

Thanks Heather! Yes it was a lot of fun but super fast. Talk about pressure to get every shot right . . . lol

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